Incubating Chicks – An Endless Guide (Part 1)

Incubating chicks, or anything for that matter, can be an exciting and education activity. However, in order to have a great experience, certain things need to happen to ensure your eggs develop into healthy chicks, and those chicks grow into thriving chickens! In an effort to keep this short, I have split this post intoContinue reading “Incubating Chicks – An Endless Guide (Part 1)”

Keeping Chickens Warm in Winter (Canada Edition)

One thing many people with chickens / similar poultry worry about in the winter is how to keep them warm. Many traditional ways of keeping chickens warm such as heat lamps can also be quite dangerous in the winter. However, in Canada (specifically Alberta) you need to keep your chickens warm somehow! We have managedContinue reading “Keeping Chickens Warm in Winter (Canada Edition)”