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Local poultry & produce available seasonally.

Poultry Breeds


Marans are a hearty breed of chickens well suited to hard Canadian winters. You can look forward to friendly chickens, good temperaments, and rich eggs in various shades of brown. Specific variations we focus on are BBS Marans (Blue, Black, Splash).

Mixed Layers

While we love the qualities of our pure bred chickens, some really cool variations come from our barnyard mix chickens. You get a lovely variation in appearances and eggs of any colour! Some of are favourites are the Olive Eggers and the varying shades of green & grey eggs they lay.


Ameraucanas are also tough enough to handle the bitter cold, and are excellent layers of blue eggs. Ameraucana chicks & chickens have distinctive ‘fluffy cheeks’ and are beautiful birds. Specific variations we focus on are BBS Ameraucanas (Blue, Black, Splash)

Barred Rock

A classic heritage breed chicken, great for laying large brown eggs, and a good sized meat bird as well. All of our chickens are chosen for their ability to handle cold weather, and the Barred Rock is no exception.

Poultry Products

Eggs (for eating)

$5.00 / dozen

Eggs (for hatching)

Barnyard Mix: $30.00 / dozen

Olive Egger Mix: $40.00 / dozen

BBS Maran: $60.00 / dozen

BBS Ameraucana: $60.00 / dozen

Chicks (0-1 Week Old)

Barnyard Mix: $8.00 / chick

Olive Egger: $10.00 / chick

Maran: $18.00 / chick

Ameraucana: $15.00 / chick

Older Poultry

Available upon request, please contact us!

From the Greenhouse

Seedlings of various types are available starting in March 2022. Due to the nature of gardening, plant availability might change throughout the season. Mature produce such as tomatoes, peppers, and herbs will be available starting in July 2022.

Cherry Tomato Plant – $3.00 each

Beefsteak Tomato Plant – $3.00 each

Roma Tomato Plant – $3.00 each

Jalapeño Pepper Plant – $4.00 each

Bell Pepper Plant – $4.00 each

Basil Plant – $5.00 each

Parsley Plant – $5.00 each

Mint Plant – $5.00 each

Custom Hatching

Don’t have an incubator? No worries, we will take care of it for you! This service is available year round, but please contact us for more information. We can hatch our own eggs for you, or you can provide the eggs and we can hatch them, whatever you need!